Brazilian, born 1974

OSGEMEOS (formerly Os Gêmeos), Portuguese for “the Twins,” is the adoptive name of brothers Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. As children, the street and studio artists would find themselves drawing on the same sheet of paper and seamlessly completing one another’s work. At the age of 12, the brothers made their public and graffiti projects using whatever materials they had available, including car paint, latex, and spray nozzles. They were influenced by hip-hop and breakdancing, but had little prior knowledge of graffiti culture, which they claim helped them develop their own visual vocabulary. OSGEMEOS’s works often present lyrical, narrative scenes with distinctive characters, often with Brazilian folk art influences. More recently, OSGEMEOS have created a number of immersive indoor installations and paintings. Their fans include Barry McGee and the President of Nike, Mark Parker.

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